fresh and creamy goat cheese from the yarra valley


With their delicate citrus flavours and gentle creamy texture, goat’s cheeses are a delicious, easy way to liven up a variety of dishes from salads through to desserts.

Versatile cheeses which owe as much to the rich, lush nature of the Yarra Valley as they do the enthusiasm of our cheesemakers, our goat milk cheese range is an exciting cheese selection bursting at the seams with flavour.

Yarra Valley Goat Cheese

Fresh Goat’s Cheese 120g

What is it?
A fresh goat’s milk cheese with a light citrus finish. A cheese with high moisture content and a lovely, creamy texture.

How do I use it?
A versatile cheese suitable for both savoury and sweet dishes. Stir though risotto, crumble over pizza or roast vegetables, or use in your favourite cheesecake recipe.

Yarra Valley Goat Cheese

Dilly Goat 120g

What is it?
A fresh goat’s milk cheese with dill. A creamy, moist cheese with lemony tang and savoury dill flavours.

How do I use it?
Perfect with any smoked fish like salmon or trout. In a freshly baked bagel with warm pastrami and pickled cucumber.

Fresh flavours that inspire

At Yarra Valley Cheese, we’ve created a selection of fresh, creamy and spreadable cheeses which are sure to inspire your kitchen creations. They’re also delicious as a simple snack spread on crackers or crusty bread.

Soft goat cheese is so versatile it can even be whipped up and used as a tasty dip. Once you get started, you will find that there are just so many other exciting ways to use it in the kitchen. If you’re looking for inspiration, our flavoured goat cheeses are sure to help you get creative at meal times. You can also visit our ‘Recipes’ page for further ideas.

Gourmet goat cheese at everyday prices

With our premium goat cheese selection — Fresh Goat’s Cheese and Dilly Goat — available in local supermarkets, premium goat’s milk cheese is now accessible to all Australians.

That’s something that we pride ourselves on at Yarra Valley Cheese, bringing  the rich, lush flavours of the Yarra Valley region to kitchens right across Australia. No  longer is premium quality, naturally produced cheese available to a select few — now  everyone can enjoy the distinctive flavours and versatility that the Yarra Valley’s best goat cheese has to offer.

Why not slip a Yarra Valley goat cheese in your supermarket trolley the next time you  shop at your local supermarket? Visit our ‘Where to Buy’ page to find your local stockist.

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