Premium Quality Cow's Milk Cheese


From the Yarra Valley’s brimming basket comes an exciting range of cheese produced with premium quality fresh cow’s milk by our team of experienced cheesemakers.

Yarra Valley Cheese proudly presents a selection of cow’s milk cheeses, including our immensely popular Yarra Valley fetta, a Persian-style fetta cheese marinated in olive oil, thyme and garlic to deliver a soft cheese with a silky texture and a warm, savoury finish. As with all our delicious cow’s milk cheeses, it’s perfect for quick weeknight meals, simple snacks on the go and extravagant dinner parties.

Australian Fetta Cheese

Herby Cow 120g

What is it?
Fresh cow’s milk cheese with herbs and garlic. A light and savoury cheese with creamy, cow’s milk flavours.

How do I use it?
As a dip. Spread over crackers or fresh, crusty bread. Melted into cauliflower or potato bake is also delicious.

Australian Fetta Cheese

Salted Honey Cow 120g

What is it?
Fresh cows milk cheese with salt and Australian Honey.

How do I use it?
Whipped with cream and dolloped on toasted waffles,
with roasted nuts and fresh berries. The perfect salted honey cheesecake. With fruit and nut crackers and sliced pear.

Simple, tasty and easy to use cow’s milk cheese

Yarra Valley Cheese produces healthy, tasty cow’s milk cheeses that are easy to use, perfect for modern Australian families leading busy lifestyles.

Whether it’s our popular herb and olive oil marinated Australian fetta cheese or our light and savoury spreadable cheeses, you’ll find our products inspire you to create something truly special in the kitchen. From savoury dishes such as baked potatoes to desserts like cheesecake, our cheeses are ideal accompaniments to classic dishes, family favourites, along with new and exciting dishes from around the world. We’re sure you’ll enjoy cooking with our cow’s milk cheeses as much as we’ve enjoyed making them for you.

From the Yarra Valley to your supermarket trolley

Our fresh, locally made Yarra Valley products are brimming with the rich flavours that this lush, abundant region is renowned for.

At Yarra Valley Cheese, we aim to bring these definitive flavours to dining tables and kitchen fridges across Australia, which is why you’ll find our products in your local supermarket, waiting for you to add them to your shopping trolley. Our Australian made fetta and spreadable cheese selection are gourmet products available at everyday prices. This enables you to bring the Yarra Valley’s famous produce home for your family to enjoy. Visit our ‘Where to Buy’ page to find your local stockist of Yarra Valley Cheese.

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