Fresh cheese, everyday!

Made in Victoria’s Yarra Valley and enjoyed Australia-wide, Yarra Valley Cheese offers a variety of quality cheeses that are perfect for inclusion in an array of delicious recipes or served on their own.

From fresh goat’s milk cheese to creamy fetta marinated in olive oil, our cheese selection has something for everyone, whether you’re cooking for the family or entertaining friends. As with all our Australian-made cheeses, each cheese is produced at our cheese factory in the Yarra Valley by our team of passionate cheesemakers.

Yarra Valley Cheese

From the heart of the Yarra Valley to your local supermarket

At Yarra Valley Cheese, we focus on creating delicious and healthy cheeses that are perfect for all occasions. We want everyone to enjoy the taste and texture of our cheeses and be inspired to get creative with them in the kitchen. Whether it’s our Yarra Valley fetta made with cow’s milk or our fresh goat’s cheese with its lovely creamy texture, we hope that you have as much fun enhancing your recipes with our cheeses as we do creating them for you.

Gourmet cheese from the Yarra Valley

With a selection of Australian-made cheeses offering versatility in character and composition, from the tang of our Persian Fetta Classic to the subtle creaminess of Dilly Goat, there’s a Yarra Valley Cheese to enrich every dish and every occasion. Our cheeses excite the senses without overwhelming the taste buds to deliver inspiring flavours and textures that start conversations. After the first bite, you’ll find there’s plenty to talk about.

Versatile cheeses for all occasions

When we create cheeses, we don’t stop the moment we’ve made something that tastes fantastic — we continue refining our products to ensure they deliver the perfect combination of taste, texture and versatility. Take our Australian fetta cheese for example. Combining a silky smooth texture with a slightly salty tang, it enhances a variety of salads and savoury dishes while delivering a full flavour that ensures it’s perfect on its own.

Yarra Valley Cheese

For us, a cheese should be the ideal accompaniment to any dish while providing enough character to make sure it can stand alone on its own merits. There’s little wonder why our Persian Fetta Classic is considered the Yarra Valley’s best fetta cheese. Available in supermarkets across Australia, why not visit our ‘Where to Buy’ page to find your local Yarra Valley Cheese stockist?

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