fresh cheese made in the yarra valley


From the Yarra Valley’s rolling hills, Yarra Valley Cheese produces a selection of gourmet cheeses available at supermarkets at everyday prices. From the silky texture of our marinated Persian fetta cheese to the versatility of Herby Cow, our selection of cheeses are a great accompaniment to any meal or simply perfect on crackers or crusty bread as an easy snack.


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Marinated Fetta Cheese

Simple, tasty and easy to use

Yarra Valley Cheese specialises in ‘lifestyle’ cheeses, which are simple, tasty and easy to use cheeses, perfect for everyday cooking but also delivering big flavours that make them enjoyable on their own.

You don’t need to be a master chef to use our flavoured goat
or soft fetta cheese to great effect in the kitchen, as there are
so many ways to use them in a variety of savoury and sweet
dishes. From risottos and filo pies to salads, baked potatoes
and cheesecakes, you’ll find that our cheese selection is ideal
for getting creative in the kitchen.

Marinated Fetta Cheese

Healthy, nutritious cheese from the Yarra Valley

In addition to tasting great, our cheeses are also healthy and highly nutritious, perfect for everyone’s nutritional intake, from kids with growing bodies to adults who understand the importance of a balanced diet.

High in both protein and calcium, our Australian fetta cheese is made with fresh cow’s milk and contains riboflavin, Vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients, so it’s not only a fantastic cheese to complement a wide variety of dishes, but also a healthy choice.

For a healthy, tasty cheese packed with nutrients and flavour, you’ll find our Yarra Valley marinated fetta, fresh goat’s and cow’s cheese have plenty to offer. Available in leading supermarkets across Australia, you can find your local Yarra Valley Cheese stockist by visiting our Where to Buy page.

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